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LibCo Creative began during changing times. The world was (and is) transitioning from working in an office to the remote lifestyle due to COVID-19. I witnessed through my own struggles how important it was to scramble for new opportunities and adapt to new environments. 

I also saw business owners go through a wave of different emotions, trying to figure out how to navigate the new form of sales and online business. They had to rapidly transition to online platforms, and social media became a lifeline for companies and their products. 

I saw this as an amazing opportunity to offer my knowledge and skills to businesses who needed help adapting. LibCo is based on the idea that anyone can sell online through social media with just a little help and encouragement. Since this selling style is new to so many companies, hiring a professional to plan, strategize and focus on their platforms is an easy solution. 

I believe that collaborating with my clients is the most important aspect of creating successful social media marketing programs. I want your voice to be heard and come to life through creative and engaging content. My goal is to give you the gift of time to focus on other aspects of your business while I transform your social media platforms.



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