Israel trip final thoughts

Hannah and I chat about money, locations, weird things we found out along the way, what we would change… and more. Also here is a list of recs we have collected from locals! We didn’t make it to everyone but it was a great starting point ————> Rothschild (street)- party night vibes Dizengoff (street)- day drinking and nighttime pubs

Nahalat Binyamin (street/ area)- cute pubs at night

Rooftop bars:

– Speakeasy

– Haiku

– Polly house

– The prince

– Jasper John’s

Pubs: – Gugys – Sputnik /club too

– Herzl 16 (Cocktails) – Anything on dizengoff – Mila/ilka – Teder

Clubs: – Drama – Matta – Emesh – also dinner and outdoor area. My favorite bar but super crowded on Thursday nights. Fun on saturdays and other days too.

– Radio

– Abraxas – Jimmy who – Kuli Alma

Sunday night:

– Dizzy frishdon (lots of Americans)

Vegan: – 416 – Anastasia

– Cerona Market – Abu Hassan

Working cafes: – Cafelix – Café Jolie

Transportation: Gett app (taxis) Moovit app (bus) – go to super and buy a ravkav ticket