The Honest Traveler Podcast is an honest, genuine, no filter travel diary. I go into detail on all my digital nomad travel adventures. From solo traveling, exploring Petra, swimming in the dead sea, a safari in Kenya to how I work remotely from anywhere in the world.

I tell you all the do's and dont's from my adventures. I go over what I learned and all the funny and embarrassing mistakes I made along the way. I don't hold anything back and I am 100% honest so you can plan your next adventure and hopefully it will go more smoothly than mine.

I hope to inspire you, make you laugh, and show more than what you would see on social media. I want to share my traveling experience and stories with people and The Honest Traveler has allowed me to do that. Join me in my journey because I will always tell you the honest truth.


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Where have I been in the past 4 months??? Here are all the details. When, where, who, and what is next! Also, a little diary entry at the end so listen up!

Why I love long distance, me before john, where we are now, and how we met. Straight GOSSIP!!!!

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I entered Bali and go through the different steps I took and which extension option I chose!

Hi everyone! I am Libby. You probably originally know me from Libco Creative. My marketing strategy business. I would not have been able to start Libco Creative if it wasn't for my endless desire to work remotely and explore different places in the world.

Being able to start my own business and work from anywhere has opened up my travel pallet. I want to share all my travel tips with you so you can hopefully plan your next adventure easily. I go into details on how I started my remote business, how to find wifi anywhere in the world, how to find cheap flights, and of course travel destination tips.

Follow along with me as I continue to explore the world. Maybe I will see you along the way!


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